Saturday, 4 February 2012

Improved category structure to help find your product

We have been working hard to improve JPK's site navigation in order to allow our customers to find the products they are looking for much more easily. At 8:50p.m we released our first update to the website navigation, we would like to introduce 'product labels'.

Product labels allow our browsers and customers to narrow down there search in categories on JPK Online Retail. Product labels is a simple way for people to refine there search as it presents consumers with a number of key labels (keywords) which can be clicked on to find only products that contain those labels in the category the browser is currently in. This narrows down the results as the customer is already in the desired category and by clicking on the label it presents results from the desired category containing the label. Below is a screenshot of what the product labels on category pages look like.

The above example screenshot illustrates the product labels in action as the screenshot is based on a consumer being in the 'beauty accessories' category and clicking on the product label 'embroidered'. This search therefore brought up products that are in the beauty accessories category with the title containing embroidered. Visit and have a go at using the product labels to refine your search.

We will continue working on improving the site navigation and we will keep your informed of the latest improvements. If you have any suggestions or any thoughts on the product labels or any other improvements that we could make please do let us know we would love to hear from you.

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