Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Searching for great quality products

As we mentioned in our previous post we have been working hard to improve JPK's site navigation to allow our customers to find the great quality products they want much more easily. Well you may have noticed (if you have used JPK Online Retail recently) that there have now also been some changes to the internal search engine in an attempt to bring up the most appropriate results for our customers search queries.

The internal search engine now shows the products that are in stock first and the products that are out of stock afterwards. You maybe asking why bother showing the out of stock products?Well the answer is that we want our customers to see the products we have had in stock previously and that they may come back in stock in the future. This allows our customers to come back in the future to see if the product they are looking for is back in stock, if everywhere else is sold out. This does allow our customers to know that retailers have sold the product before on the JPK Online Retail website.

We have also made some other changes to the way the results are displayed such as the fact that results are displayed in alphabetical order with the cheapest priced products showing first. This method tends to come out with a reasonable amount of relevance to the users search query, however we are still testing other formations in order to develop our internal search engine further.

Please leave you comments below if you have any thoughts on this, as we want to make life easier for everyone :)

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