Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fantastic home accessories for mothers day

This post is intended to be a list of some great funky home accessory ideas that are affordable gifts for mothers day.

1. Wild Bunch Ceramic Hippo Egg Cup

Wild Bunch Ceramic Hippo Egg Cup

This is an adorable gift that is unique and may be used more as an ornament opposed to its true purpose of holding eggs.

2. Impressions Incense 6 Pack Gift Set

Impressions Incense 6 Pack Gift Set - Mothers Day Gifts

The premiere gift set edition of the Impressions incense sticks will allow your mother to keep her house smelling great.

3. White Cherub MUM Letters

White Cherub MUM Letters - Mothers Day Gift

These three letters would be a great ornamental gift for your mom as they have been finished in a soft white effect giving the impression of stone or marble.

These are just three of the gift ideas that this post offers, however if you visit the JPK Online Retail store you will be sure to find a great deal more mothers day gifting ideas.

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