Monday, 4 March 2013

Popular factors that make a kitchen accessory stand out in a kitchen

Bright coloured kitchen accessories
Bright coloured kitchen utensils
If you are looking to grab the attention of your guests visiting your home there are a number of ways of doing so. The kitchen has become a popular place in the home to grab visitor’s attentions as there are a number of funky kitchen accessories that can catch your guest’s eye. Additionally, this room is a popular room for conversations to take place, as you may be communicating with your guest’s while preparing a meal or drinks. Furthermore, it has become common for the kitchen to be open to the living room. The question is what funky kitchen accessories are most likely to grab the attention of your guests without you having to physically point the items out. There are a number of different factors that can allow for a kitchen accessory to be considered funky enough in order to grab visitor’s attentions; however in this article we will be considering three main factors.

1. Colour

The first factor we are going to look at is colour. Morphy Richards and Anzo have created some great cooking utensils that come in great colours that will stand out from amongst your other cooking utensils, as they come in some vibrant colours such as lilac, pink and more. Morphy Richards has also applied these vibrant colours to some of the kitchen appliances that they manufacture such as toasters and kettles.

2. Design

The second factor is design. This doesn’t always necessary have to jump out at your guests, however designs are great conversational starters, as designs can represent an interest you may have. For instance, mugs designed as a van, may allow for a conversation to be opened around vans and if you are a van enthusiastic it can give you a lot of points to communicate on to keep conversations going.

3. Slogan

The third factor is slogans. Slogans are very popular as they can be catchy for instance the ‘keep calm and carry on’ slogan has become a commonly used slogan that can now be found on nearly any product type and can relate to this product. Mugs for example may have the ‘keep calm and drink tea’ phrase on the side of them.

These three factors can catch the attention of your visitor, create conversation and leave an element of remembrance in your visitors mind. This can all assist in leading to a positive impression of your home.

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